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Helping You

Generate Revenue &

Do Work That Sets

Your Soul on Fire!


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For Organizations Looking To Enhance Productivity & Innovation On A Deeper Level, We Provide Training & Coaching That Helps Individuals Feel A Sense of Ownership of Their Work That Gives Them Meaning + Increases Engagement.

For Women Experts, Professional Industry Agents &  Coaches  Who Want A VIP Experience,  We Produce Their Brand & Develop Their Own Unique Methodology to Standout In Their Marketplace + Create Multiple Streams of Revenue.

For Athletes, Artists & Actors Who Are Ready to Transition Successfully In The Spotlight, We Work Together With Them To Develop The Strategies They Need To Either Start A Business, Tell Their Story on Stages, in A Book, etc.. And Continue To Make An Impact On Their Next Level!

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NRJ Enterprises Client Results

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The NRJ Enterprises team has a special way of making everyone feel comfortable and excited to be a part of the team!  She was easy to work with and I am pleased with her professionalism, outgoing personality, and her positivity in working with McDonald's Corporation.  Thank you for being a delight to work with!  I look forward to working with her again in the near future!


Lindsay Greene - Regional Marketing Supervisor McDonald's USA


Why We Do It?

The pandemic inspired many to reflect on what’s important to them.

As a result, 2 out of 3 employees in the US say the 

COVID-19 pandemic has caused them to reconsider their purpose.


And in walks the Great Resignation of 2022.


 An article in Forbes Titled "Costs Of The 'Great Resignation' Starting To Add Up”

Shared the following…


“The quit rate is at 2.7% (peaked at 3.2%) and 

the turnover rate at 3.8% (peaked at 4.2%), 

we’re in an unusually fluid market. “


Add to that the fact that the 

professional services industry has the highest turnover rate

of any other industry!


However, the Forbes article goes on to share that  

“many of the inordinately high number of job switchers 

realized they had made a mistake or, at least, a less than optimal decision.” 

The Opportunity

People are more satisfied when they feel their work is meaningful 

and they feel empowered to do it efficiently & effectively.

Job satisfaction has been tracked to high levels of 

productivity & profitability 


Which for the company that averages $9,000 per employee, per year, 



NRJ Enterprises is committed to 

our clients doing work that sets their souls on fire!


To help them get clear on their brilliance &

align it with the way they do what they do

which has proven to have a significant increase 

in both their impact & income.

Both individually & for the company as a whole!


Aligning purpose with paycheck is our great commission. Our programs are rooted in strategies focused on one core objective:  repeatable, sustainable growth and assessing the way that is facilitated effectively for each individual (whether an entrepreneur or an organizational team member) so that impact and income are both interchangeable. 

Our methodology has proven to create unparalleled, quantifiable impact for the organizations, agents as well as woman experts, etc… we serve. Couple this with our ecosystem of support, which has been life-changing for our clients and an incubator that transforms their ability to perform.

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We are a purpose-focused, mission driven company-founded by a woman and steered by an unstoppable team of women leaders. 

Leaders that have each said yes to their own lane of brilliance and found meaning & fulfillment both individually & collectively in our work.  We are living, breathing examples of what it looks like to do work that sets your soul on fire and have conquered what we help our clients dominate in for themselves and their teams.

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1019B Edwards Ferry Rd #1008

Leesburg, VA 20176

(888) 799-8656


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