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Are you ready to Bankroll Your Brilliance? The gift in you that is the very way you were born to serve the world & get paid while you do it?

In Bankroll Your Brilliance, Dr. Nicole Roberts Jones reveals her step-by step-process, known as her Brilliance Blueprint,that she has used to coach thousands of agents, experts and organizations to generate revenue and do work that sets your soul on fire! Throughout the pages of this book, Dr. Nicole addresses the key ingredients you need to realize your brilliance, identify how to make a difference utilizing your gifts and talents, and step into the abundance that is yours for the taking. Get the drive it takes to forge ahead in creating your breathtaking future and the insight you need to monetize the gift you were born with—the gift that no one else has but YOU.


With this book, set your life and career on a mission to stand in ALL you were born to be!

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Be The Answer Book

We were all put on this earth to fulfill an assignment and live in our unique greatness. In her eBook Be the Answer, Nicole Roberts Jones empowers you to realize what she calls your FIERCE and step into abundance by monetizing the gift you were born with—the gift that no one else has. If you’ve picked up this book, you’ve already accepted your mission to stand in ALL you were born to be, so now it’s time to take it to the next level and bankroll your brilliance!

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Define Your Own Way Book

An inspirational book about living a fulfilled, joyous, complete life. The book gives readers 6 keys toward self definition as a way to design a road map toward living life at their absolute best. This journey translates into the decisions we make today which ultimately do not just Define Your Own Way but also lights the path for generations to come. 

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It's Your Time To Shine Book

It’s Your Time to Shine guides women on a personal journey to uncover how every experience, good and impossible, is in preparation for your For Such a Time as This moment as the book utilizes Esther’s miraculous journey from insignificance to royalty to illustrate that your past does not hinder your future. Readers will be inspired, encouraged and motivated to remain faithful and obedient to God’s plan for your life!

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