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Ready to Create Income with Impact?

Get the strategy to get clear on your purpose + start or grow your purpose focused business = to create multiple streams of income  and ultimately profit for God!

Choose the path that’s right for you

Discover The Power of Living As The Highest & 

Best Version of Who God Created You To Be!

Get Clear on your Purpose

Faith Purpose Profit Circle

Dr Nicole Roberts Jones, the Purpose Producer walks you through a 6-part core methodology, to help you get clear, focused, and ready to activate the lane God created you to dwell in.   In 6 months, you will do the work to align all 3 (faith, purpose & profit)together so that you build your business on a strong foundation ready to gain for the kingdom here on earth!

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Brilliance Mastery Academy

Dr Nicole Roberts Jones works alongside you for 12 months in this implementation mastermind to train you & teach you as you create the systems & operational structure you need in place to master your niche, produce programs, create a tribe ready to buy,  close sales,  implement a profitable launch, plus so much more.  In addition, you develop the elements of automation (think making money in your sleep) as the NRJ Enterprises Implementation Team creates FOR YOU.  The goal is that you have all in place to run a successful, purpose focused business year after year.

Brilliance Mastery Academy

Elevation One on One Coaching 

Dr Nicole Roberts Jones works 

with seasoned entrepreneurs who have been in business for at least 18 months and need strategy in one of 2 areas.  INCOME: you are generating revenue but you can’t seem to figure out how to  create more revenue without having to be present or increase your revenue streams.

IMPACT: To create strategy to host your 1st 6 figure revenue generating event



With Nicole

One on one coaching



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